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Let's Play More My Little Pony Games!

Title: Let's Play More My Little Pony Games!
Category: Games
Description: AKA: Project Pony 2. In this I play some more awesome games by some more rather creative Bronies.
Alt pony name: Awesome McCoolmane

To save your game in Adventures in Ponyville, you need an account on The Hub's website. Saving is automatic when you are logged in.

Also judging from the My Videos & Playlists page this video is the 100th video on my channel... go me. On a side note I think I should have gone with Awesome McCoolmane or something. Also for a little bit more pony check out this post from my blog:

Now unless if I find a lot more short games (enough to do multiple parts) this will likely be the last time I play My Little Pony fan games this way (using Adventures in Ponyville as a transaction between games). You can look forward to Let's Plays of the bigger games when they come out, like My Little Investigations, Spike's Quest, any of those 3D ones I keep seeing or even *gulp* a (SFW) Date Sim if anyone asks me to play one... and tells me how to play these.

Personal Favourite: Derpy Delivery

Mo' Ponies thread:

Games used (In order of appearance):

Adventures in Ponyville:

Runaway Pony - MLP:FiM Based:

Derpy Delivery:

Super Filly Adventure:

Iron Pony Challenge:

Story of the Blanks:

Edit: Also here's a blog post about my idea for a fan game:

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